Medical Carbon Brushes

We provide a professional manufacturing service for the medical industry throughout the UK & Ireland.
All medical equipment requires each carbon brush to be acutely accurate and precise. We manufacture each carbon brush to order ensuring they meet with the demands of the advancing health care system.
Medical carbon brushes have a wide field of application throughout the hospital sector including use in microscopes, theatre lighting, scanners etc.
We offer a fast turnaround service for all orders placed, get in touch today for all your medical carbon brush needs.
We manufacture locally
We can manufacture any type of carbon brush with a fast turnaround service.
Sectors we cover....


Manufactured and available for fast supply are a range of carbon brushes suitable for the transport industry.


A wide range of carbon brushes are manufactured and fast to order for the industrial sector.


Suitable for the energy industry we manufacture and supply a wide range of carbon brushes.

Fast turnaround on all orders.