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Welcome to SD Carbons Limited

Sharing over 20 years of Experience

Carbon Brushes: For over 20 years Managing Director David Hughes has been involved in the power generation industry where DC-operated coal-cutting machinery used carbon brushes to a large extent.

When returning to Ireland and the UK, David set up a carbon brush manufacturing plant in Ireland using high-tech machinery.

Quick Look at our Products

Brush Vanes

We also manufacture quite a range of Carbon Vanes for Vacuum Pumps and Carbon Contacts for Cranes and Lifting Devices.

Industrial Brushes

The application ranging from small Fractional HP Motors to Large AC slipring Three Phase and DC Shunt and Compound Motors.

Brush Holders

We stock a range of carbon brush holders, and has access to suppliers of the major motor manufacturers througout Europe


We stock Carbon Brush seaters and a wide range of Commutator Maintenance Products. (Catalogue available)
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More About Us

Carbon Brushes import all their carbon material to Ireland and the carbon is of an extremely high standard of graphite. Our testing equipment and grade database insures the correct grade of carbon is used at all times in all brushes. His dedication to quality in Ireland and the UK is illustrated by a forward thinking policy of ongoing investment, and of course commitment to customer needs.


Through ongoing investment in the latest grinding and drilling equipment.
Carbon Brushes is continuously improving the service offered, cutting costs and shortening delivery times throughout Ireland and the UK, whilst maintaining the highest standards of carbon brushes.


Quality of product and service is the driving force that has given Carbon Brushes a well earned reputation for excellence in Ireland.
Carbon Brushes is committed to offering customers the best service available every time.